Mulhouse Vosges

Founded Friday, December 17, 1976
Club 10918 - District 1680 - Charter number 0

The motto of Rotary International, the first service club created in 1905, is “serve first”. Mulhouse-Vosges has put this motto into practice, thanks to the commitment of its members. The club has contributed to charitable causes locally, nationally and internationally. Since 1984, it has provided unfailing support to the Jean-Dollfus Foundation retirement home and to the reception, for more than twenty years, of foreign students as part of a Student exchange. He participates in the annual collection for the Food Bank. He is involved in the organization of Interclubs service concerts which brings together a good dozen service clubs from Mulhouse... Concerning the diocesan reception center project in Benin, the club's action aims to ensure the rehabilitation of all the facilities necessary for the reception and training leading to young girls. Also underway is participation in the development of a games room at the new mother-child center at Mulhouse hospital, an action carried out jointly with other Rotary clubs in the sector. In total, the club has brought hundreds of thousands of euros to Mulhouse and the world, on a humanitarian level. Donations which were financed by actions such as the Green Solidarity golf tournament... In forty years, he gave the 1680 district two governors, Xavier Gilliot and Jean-Louis Tourtelier, and three assistant governors. He organized conferences and various visits, activities which also aimed to strengthen solidarity and friendship between club members.


Active members 33
- Men 23
- Ladies 10
Paul Harris Fellow 11
Club guests 0
Honorary members 1
Other contacts 2


Maison Kieny

7 rue du Général de Gaulle
68400 Riedisheim


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